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Alcohol Seller/Server Training & Certification – Alcohol service is a huge booster for your bottom line, and you want to sell a lot of it, but serving alcohol comes with a lot of responsibility and needs to be taken seriously by every employee. Your operation and its employees can face criminal charges for serving a minor, someone intoxicated or if the actions of an intoxicated customer lead to death, injury or property damage.

Before the ABC Board comes to visit, take a minute to review your state’s laws on alcohol service and the alcohol service training at your operation. Be sure it’s compliant and also at the same standard you expect for any service in your establishment.

Whether or not your state requires special training in alcohol service, your restaurant should. Check out programs such as the National Restaurant Associations ServSafe Alcohol or Health Communications TiPS Programs and require its completion for all front-of-house employees. Track employees completion and be sure their training doesn’t expire. Remember, this training is not just for bartenders or servers. Greeters are often the first line of defense in noticing if a customer comes into your restaurant already intoxicated.